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Himalayan Cottage and Museum,

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Situated amidst natural beauty and 32 km away from Pokhara, Renowned as Nepal's Cherrapunji. Himalayan Cottage and Museum, Tanchowk, a first of its kind in Nepal, Heartily welcomes all the Tourists.


Preserve Rural Heritage and Traditional culture !

Enjoy the traditional as well as cultural beauty

ग्रामीण पर्यटनको स्वाद लिदैं लोक साँस्कृतिक संग्राहलयको अवलोकन गरौं


For the first time in Nepal a museum with private investment has been started at Tanchowk village, Lumle Kaski district...



With the advent of development and urbanization, People are drawn rapidly from their ancestral homes and moving towards cities and the fashions to



The museum can be reached within two hours that include one hour Bus Drive from Pokhara to Lumle and another one hour walk from Lumle to...



The museum is house to antiques dating back 400 years that are in the verge of antiques due to weapons used by Bhure Takure Rajas and Maharajas during...



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